Vogu’à Toul presentation

Vogu’à TOUL is a 15 km eco-responsible boat trip, opened to every rowing boats (canoe, kayak, dragon boats, stand up paddles, rowing with helmsman). The ALTCK is glad to replicate this event every year lot let everyone discover the wild part of the Moselle and Toul’s suburbs. It would be for some people an opportunity to get in shape before Vogalonga in Venise.

Affiche de la Vogu'à Toul 2017

This event is scheduled on the FFCK’s calendar and will take place on the Moselle, between Toul and Villey-le-Sec’s locks. The welcome of participants, boat’s launch, departure and arrival will be in Pierre-la-Treiche, left bank (signalposting in the village).

Registration file is available here (in french).

This event is not a competition.



Vue satellite du parcours de la Vogu'à Toul

1st of May is always a navigation’s day off, we thus won’t be disturbed by the barges. But it’s also the opening day for carnivorous fishing. We should be focused on not disrupting each other.

Festivity and friendliness will be the guiding principles for this day !

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