L'ALTCK : a Canoe Kayak Dragon-Boat Stand-Up-Paddle Club

Training sessions for  beginners and experts supervised by State Qualified instructor

suspended activity

The ALTCK offers a lot of "leisure" outings

suspended activity

ALTCK members participate to regional & national tournaments

suspended activity

Begginers & expert training sessions are supervised by a State Qualified instructor

Suspended activity

The ALTCK offers a lot of "leasure" outings possibilities

Suspended activity

ALTCK members participates to regional & national tournaments

Suspended activity

Pleasure of paddling

Elixir of health

Desire to exist

In its slippery dormancy water arouses itself a dream
a murmur od rush of reed of slow weed
and never knows well in its sleeping blend
where the water’ swell yields to plants stillness

Claude ROY, Poésies, Gallimard

  • Fairness between members. Possibility to have an informed choice of the activity.
  • Highlight of differences, favouring social diversity, generations merging, secularity, political neutrality.
  • Friendliness, by organizing times of sharing others than sports which strengthen group’s links
  • Opening to surrounding area : vitis of others places
  • Cooperation and solidarity : by encouragong families to share others activities that canoe-kayak.
  • Family, respect of others, of the group and of the rules.



  • Practice of subjects individually or within a team, in the form of leisure or competition, for young or adult members.
  • Practice in contracted form for organization (schools, public institution…)
  • Sport section with secondary school.

Territory life

Territory life through actions of sport promotion or events ( Vogu’à Toul, Dragon Boat festival, competitions…)

Tourist activities

  • Individual rental of Canoe, Kayak and Stand Up Paddle
  • Reception of groups, supervised trips.


Partnership development.

  • Partnership development with local authorithies and the entire associative sector.

Events organization

  • Eco-responsible ramble “La Vogu’à Toul” every may first.
  • Dragon Boat festival in september each year.


Our Partners

Partners helping the ALTCK slider  : The  canoe kayak dragon boat paddle club at Toul.

Fromagerie Martineau-450px Info partenaire Fromagerie Martineau
2 place du Couarail
54200 TOUL
Visiter sa page facebook Facebook.
Logo Marie Poule Info partenaire Marie Poule

Coordonnées de Marie Poule.
TOUL Conurbation Authority Info partenaire CC2T
Communauté de Communes Terres Touloises
Visiter le site de CC2T.
O-Maribelle Info partenaire EARL O'Maribelle
Glaces artisanales lorraines, sorbets bio, desserts glacés, produits dérivés, mirabelle de Lorraine, jus de pomme, nectar, glace à la miorabelle. Ô Maribelle, création de glaces et sorbets bio avec des produits de qualité des vergers lorrains à Ochey 54
Visiter le site de Ô Maribelle.
Conseil Départemental 54 Info partenaire Conseil Départemental Meurthe & Moselle
Visiter le site de Conseil Départemental Meurthe & Moselle.
Pâtisserie Perrin Toul Info partenaire Pâtisserie Perrin
Visiter le site de Pâtisserie Perrin.
Tourism Office Info partenaire Maison du Tourisme en Terres lorraines
Visiter le site de Maison du Tourisme en Terres lorraines.
Lor'n Bio Toul Info partenaire Lor'n Bio
Visiter le site de Lor'n Bio.
Mairie Toul Info partenaire Mairie Toul
Visiter le site de Mairie Toul.
Auto école Manu Toul Info partenaire Auto école Manu
Visiter le site de Auto école Manu.
CNDS Info partenaire CNDS
Etablissement public sous la tutelle du Ministères dess Sports. Le centre National pour le Developpement du Sport (CNDS) voit ses missions réorientées en 2018 :
- Innovation sociale et environnementale par le sport
- Soutien renforcés aux territoires carencés
Visiter le site de CNDS.
Garage Floury Info partenaire Garage Floury
Visiter le site de Garage Floury.
ARS-Lorraine Info partenaire Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS) Grand Est
Visiter le site de ARS Grand Est.
Mère Cocotte Info partenaire Mère Cocotte
Visiter le site de Mère Cocotte.
VNF Info partenaire VNF
Visiter le site de VNF.
Patrick Manutention Info partenaire Patrick Manutention
Visiter le site de Patrick Manutention.
MGEN Info partenaire MGEN - Section de Meurthe & Moselle
Visiter le site de MGEN.
Ambroisie's Domain Info partenaire Domaine de l'Ambroisie
Visiter le site de Domaine de l'Ambroisie.
FFCK Grand Est Info partenaire FFCK Grand Est
Visiter le site de FFCK Grand Est.
Garage Saint Evre Toul Info partenaire Garage Saint Evre
Visiter le site de Garage Saint Evre.
Région Grand Est Info partenaire Région Grand Est
Visiter le site de Région Grand Est.
DP Conseil Info partenaire DP Conseil
Visiter le site de DP Conseil.
HandiSport Grand Est Info partenaire Handisport Grand Est
Visiter le site de Handisport Grand Est.
EDF Info partenaire EDF
Visiter le site de EDF.

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