ALTCK Paddling School

Paddling school

Beginners and expert training session are supervised by a State Qualified instructor : quiet and white water (For young people and adults). We have following embarcations : kayak, canoe, stand up paddle, va'a a Dragon boat. Security training session are organized during winter in a pool.l

ALTCK Kayak leasure


The ALTCK club is located in toul, French department of Meurthe et Moselle, on Moselle riverside. One can enjoy beautiful flora and fauna in a majestic landscape. All of these is favourableto a nice navigation experience, secure and pleasurable.Possibilities are abundant : wild Moselle descent, beavers discovery in Bouvade river, group outing into a Dragon-Boat and of course free paddling between friends. Canoe, Kayak & Stand Up Paddle rental during summertime.

ALTCK Canoe tournament


ALTCK members (Young people & adults) participate to regional and national tournaments : slalom, kayakpolo, dragon-boat , descent & sprint race

Pleasure of paddling

Elixir of health

Desire to exist

In its slippery dormancy water arouses itself a dream
a murmur od rush of reed of slow weed
and never knows well in its sleeping blend
where the water’ swell yields to plants stillness

Claude ROY, Poésies, Gallimard

  • Fairness between members. Possibility to have an informed choice of the activity.
  • Highlight of differences, favouring social diversity, generations merging, secularity, political neutrality.
  • Friendliness, by organizing times of sharing others than sports which strengthen group’s links
  • Opening to surrounding area : vitis of others places
  • Cooperation and solidarity : by encouragong families to share others activities that canoe-kayak.
  • Family, respect of others, of the group and of the rules.



  • Practice of subjects individually or within a team, in the form of leisure or competition, for young or adult members.
  • Practice in contracted form for organization (schools, public institution…)
  • Sport section with secondary school.

Territory life

Territory life through actions of sport promotion or events ( Vogu’à Toul, Dragon Boat festival, competitions…)

Tourist activities

  • Individual rental of Canoe, Kayak and Stand Up Paddle
  • Reception of groups, supervised trips.


Partnership development.

  • Partnership development with local authorithies and the entire associative sector.

Events organization

  • Eco-responsible ramble “La Vogu’à Toul” every may first.
  • Dragon Boat festival in september each year.


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