About : Club presentation

About Club presentation

Law 1901 Association, derived from The “Amicale Laïque de Toul” (Toul Lay Association) , created in 1994  the ALTCK’s aim is to develop  activities practiced with a craft  paddle propeled and its associated  disciplines.

New statutes have been  deposited  to the TOUL’s subprefecture in January  2012.

The ALTCK offers as much individual or leasure  disciplines than competition disciplines for young people.

In december 2012, the  club had 127 registred members  against  52 in ja01nuary 2016.

Training is done by a qualified sports teacher.

Activities may take place on TOUL nautical spot, between  Pierre la Treiche and Liverdun, on the  Moselle canal for still water  disciplines and  on the  Bouvade or the natural  Moselle for lively water disciplines.

The club goes to others spots as well : in particular  to lac de Madine lake,  the Der lake , the Loue river, the pools of Nancy, Metz,  lakes of  Gérardmer, Wassy…

Reception is located on the spot of the  old outdoor swimming pool  at the bridge of Dommartin les Toul

Registration is indispensable in order to make your equipment   ready at your arrival.